Attention ClutchCraftians!

      I have an important update regarding events that will occur over the next week! 

At 9:00 EST(USA East Coast) today (May 23rd), the server will be unavailable for the public to access. During this time, the server will receive a series of updates that will change many things. I wont go into detail, but I'll leave a few spoilers below for anyone who's really intrigued. 

The server downtime will last through this week and the server will re-open this weekend! There is no specific date or time as to when the server will be re-opened, but tune in to our Discord Server where we will be sure to keep you guys updated! (Link's below)

Meanwhile, be sure to vote for us! All your keys will pop up this weekend! Which could get you some extra rewards if you vote everyday ;)

We apologize for any inconvienence this may, and we hope to see all of you this weekend! 

                 ~ClutchCraftMC Staff Team


1) New place to kill boredom or perhaps, gain fame!

2) New rank overhaul (All current rankholders will receive these benefits!)

3) So. Much. Good. Stuff :)

Discord Link:-

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