Massive Update!

By [Owner] MurryPuppins - Posted Apr 8, 17

Hello ClutchCraftians!

     The ClutchCraft Staff team brings you another update, but our biggest one yet! Some parts of this update are already known by most of you, whilst other parts are brand stanking new! The server's been quiet lately without much pushing out, and after many obstacles and long/hard schedules, we've finally finished this update! All the details are listed below! The update ranges from new minigames to bug fixes and much more! 

Version Update- 

Most of you all know this already, but the server was updated to 1.11. With the update, the combat style has been left untouched, and will remain with the server version. (Sorry 1.8 PvP peeps). With this said, hunger bars will be filled completely and fishing rods won't be throwing snowballs. As usual, the update may have produced bugs and glitches that we are not aware of. Please report this to our Issue Tracker (will be described below).


We have implemented a few new minigames to equal out to 5 new minigames! (One is on the way and will be here shortly while the other two are still in testing). The minigames are Survival Games, The Lab, MobArena, Spleef and Infected! With the multiple minigames being added, we have built a hub where you can access each minigame from the hub itself. The hub can be accessed via /hub

That being said, we have specified two commands according to minigames and survival. The /spawn command will take you to the survival spawn. On the other hand, the /hub command will take you to the minigame spawns. 

Some of the minigames do have leaderboards that players can strive to topple and become the best. Currently, only The Lab and Spleef have the leaderboards, but that will change in the future. 

If you arent aware of how these minigames work, just hop on and go to those minigames and there will be directions given!

New Ranks/Bundles-

If some of you remember, a while ago, we sent out a survey asking about new ranks. Well, the winner was Omega, Beta and Alpha. The old ranks have been reconfigured and remade into Omega, Beta and Alpha. We added MANY new trails and pets to those ranks! Warrior and Elite were transformed into Omega. Mage and Elder were transformed into Beta and finally, Oracle and Dragonborn were transformed into the current Alpha. The costs for each rank also changed. Omega is $15, Beta is $25 and Alpha is $35.

Omega and Beta are permanent ranks. Which means that you keep them forever and they do not charge a subscription fee. Its a one-time pay rank. On the contrary, Alpha is a subscription rank that costs $35 each month. This means, in order to maintain your Alpha rank, you must pay $35 monthly, unless you buy a bundle. 

Jumping into bundles, we offer bundles where you can buy multiple months of Alpha at a discount and save LOTS of money! For example, you can buy a year of Alpha for only $200! Which saves you $220! 

Over the course of the year, we will be offering multiple bundles that are limited time only. Take advantage of these bundles while you can, because it's unlikely that you will see them again. 

With this said, we are releasing a limited edition bundle as a celebration for the release. You can buy a half stack of Epic and Legendary Keys! You can buy a half stack of Epic keys for $15, and a half stack of Legendary Keys for $30! No limits on quantity. Find this bundle in our donation store!

Clutch Markets-

We have a new market system. At /market you will find a large area filled with shop plots. Here, you can purchase a plot, and build whatever you desire within that plot. (Can build as high as 11 blocks on the small one. and it increases the larger the plot). Each player can only purchase one plot at a time. Once purchased, you can edit the plots to your own pleasure, add shops and make money! However, to use these plots, you have to rent one, which charges on a weekly basis. So make sure you have enough money to pay the bills! If you fail to have enough money, you will be evicted from the plot and your build will be removed. 

As always, there is a server shop available for your needs if shops in the market fail to deliver. It can be found at /shop.

Montly Voting Rewards- 

This is rather simple, but each month, the top three non-staff voters will be put into a drawing and the winner gets a free month of Alpha rank! So, get your votes on! Not only do you receive voter keys which you can win goodies and great stuff from the crates, but you could also win a month of Alpha! 

Rule Clarification-

With a recent altercation, we wanted to clarify something with you all. ClutchCraft is a friendly survival server. This being said, there are no republics, nations, armies, crusades, or unicorn squads. However, towns/cities are very welcomed and we love seeing them and people getting together as a community. Anything that incites rivalry, jealousy or 'My town is better than yours' bragging will be dealt with immediately.

Issue Tracker- 

I've noticed that bugs and glitches tend to stay quiet and not make their way towards me, and we find out about them several months after they occured. I've added a subforum to our forums called Issue Tracker. This is where you can report anything ranging from bugs/glitches to little small problems. Some examples of this are as follows: Arenas can be damaged, a rank doesn't have their appropriate trail, Slimefun isn't working, and the list goes on. 

If the Issue Tracker is used, I/we can fix bugs and issues more effectively, providing everyone a better playing experience! You can find the Issue Tracker by clicking on "Forum" (top menu bar), and navigating to the "Issue Tracker". Be sure to read the stickied post describing how to submit a bug/glitch report. 

Slimefun Issue-

Before the update, there were issues where electric machines couldn't be used. That issue has been fixed and Slimefun should be in full operational state as of now (unless an unknown bug still exists). 

Recruiting Staff- 

We are looking for new players to join our staff team! You can apply at the link below. Here are a few pointers to help your success rate in your application, and what we are looking for. 

First off, we need active staff members. If you're only active during school breaks and summer vacation, that is not who we are looking for. We need activity and people who are commited to contributing to the server and interacting with the players on a frequent basis. Second, applicants must have a Skype, this is our main communication platform, and you will be expected to check it regularly and stay active and on top of that. Third, we are looking for mature people who can handle themselves and other players. 

Now, moving onto tips on how you can submit a successful application. First off, the application shouldn't be a quick easy 5 minutes and submit. Applications should be well-detailed. We want to know you! The more you tell us about yourself and your capabilities, the better off you will be! Second, after submitting the application, do NOT ask a staff member about your application. The only exception to this, is if you do not receive a reply/mail, then you are allowed to ping Kay or myself and we will update you on the situation. This is all, we wish you the best to your staff application, and hope to see new faces on our team! 

Staff Application Link-

That's all for now! We hope everyone will enjoy this massive update! We are already working on another update to be released in the future! If you wish to support ClutchCraft, you can do so by playing on the server, voting, telling your friends about us, or even donating! Have a great time and keep mining! 

                          ~ClutchCraft Staff Team

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