Another [BIG] Update!

By [Owner] _Kay - Posted May 27, 17

Hey guys!

So as you might have noticed in the last post, we had some major changes made to the server over the last few days. We switched hosts, which required some downtime for us to back up and move all the files over.

Good news is, the server is now back up! With the re-release of the server, I'll detail some of the major changes we've made in the meantime, as well as what's currently in the works.

With switching to a new host, we now have Bungeecord. Currently, only the survival server is up and running as before. However, because there were a few plugin changes and there were some bugs in the move over, PLEASE report any bugs or issues you run into while playing. We really appreciate any help or information you can provide as you continue to play on the server.

Minigames is currently under construction. We have some things to work out and we're also working on integrating a rewards system for it. It's going to be awesome. ;D

Awesome Additions include:

Rank Rework! We listened to you and have made prices more affordable. Not only that, we've included TWO new ranks. They will detailed on the website soon. The first is a super affordable Gamma rank. The second is one that you don't buy, but can actually be earned! It's called the VIP rank, and that will be described on the site as well. We're also looking into making some commands and extra options buyable as standalone items. Currently we have claim blocks and keys, but we've got a few other awesome things in mind as well. ;) With the price changes and big additions to the kits and ranks overall (you get KEYS!), we've amped up the value of all of our ranks across the board. Just make sure to ping us when you log on the server so we can adjust your rank accordingly.

With the rank rework, we've added a lot of fun. We've incorporated a new cosmetics plugin that has some amazing features. All you have to do is run /fun and it will open up a GUI for you to look through! Pets, hats and some super awesome trails. It also has a few other menus, but where they can be used is going to be kept a secret for now. ;)

I heard you all might like... Skyblock. One of the main reasons we decided to switch hosts was because we wanted a host that easily incorporated Bungeecord, specifically for Skyblock. At the moment it isn't quite ready for all your mad skills, but it'll definitely be released very soon. It's currently our main priority now that we've got Survival back up.

The final change is somewhat minor. We've included Bank Notes in the server now. It helps in several ways, one being that instead of having to /pay someone, you can simply run /withdraw (amount) and it will give you a paper with that amount of money on it. Just hand it to the player you want to pay, they can pick it up and right-click to redeem the money. This will also help with money issues in the future. (Psstt...I've heard that sometimes people get a bunch of notes and do drop parties at spawn for fun. Just saying.)

Super secret side note, and don't tell Cam, but we also have a new, amazing website in the works. It's going to be so much better. He's been working super hard on it and wants it to be very secrety, but I think you all should know!

Thank you all for everything you do. You make a difference for the server, and we hope to continue to grow into an even bigger and more amazing community!

- Kay

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