Hello ClutchCraftians, 

    I have already released these news on our Discord a few days ago, if you have not gotten Discord, or joined us yet, please do so as soon as you can! The update details are pushed live from Discord! Website is used for interactions, and will be updated in the near future anyways.

  Now, for the serious news, due to the large unrestricted size of our current world, we must reset it. However, we are giving a grace period of now until August 7th (Monday) for all players to transfer their items. We can transfer your houses/builds themselves, but they MUST be completely cleared out before we transfer it! If not, all items (in chests, inventory-related items, etc) will be destroyed in the transfer! To have your build transferred, as a staff whilst online OR send the coordinates of your build in the old world AND where you want it to be in the new world! 

The Nether and the End will be reset also, so do remove all your items you wish to retain, from those appropriate places. 

The new world can be accessed from spawn. Just go to /spawn and jump into a portal on either side of you! Once you are at the new world, jump into the RTP portal (or type /rtp) and you can start exploring! Thus being said, the new world has a limiting boundary of 50k blocks! We will expand this, once our community grows some more and we have more regular players. 

Through this world reset/transfer period, we will be able to cut the spontaneous lag spikes that we occur frequently. Do keep in mind, during this transfer period, there may be some lag spikes! 

Finally, if you see any bugs/glitches that need to be fixed, please contact Cam_Tech ASAP, I will fix this as quickly as I can! 

Thank you for your cooperation, and stay tuned as we will be releasing a new update VERY shortly!

  ~ClutchCraftMC Staff Team

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