Welcome to the page dedicated to the rules for the server! Here, we will outline the rules themselves, as well as give a brief description of what they mean and how lenient or otherwise we are with them. They're used as a basis for how you should act on the server, and breaking any of these rules can result in punishment in the form of a temporary mute all the way to a permanent ban, depending on the severity. If you have any questions about these, please don't hesitate to ask a staff member.

1. No spamming or excessive caps.
- This one is pretty self-explanatory. Don't spam messages in the server, and try to limit the caps. We do understand that people get excited about certain things, so we're relatively lenient about using caps in a message. Just don't overdo it.

2. No swearing.
- Again, the rule speaks for itself. There is a slight exception to this in the form of acronyms. "Wtf", "Wth", "Lmao", etc are okay, as the swear word could be substituted for something else like 'flip' or 'frick'. Replacing one letter of the word in the way of censoring in a way, however, is not.

3. No advertising other servers.
- Simple enough. If you want to tell someone privately about a different server, do it elsewhere. Advertising in private message is also against this rule.

4. No griefing.
- We have a general rule of "If you didn't build it, don't break it." There's a bit of controversy with this one, so we'll clear it up here. If you specifically did not place the block of the build that you break, or you are not given permission by the owner of the build to break the block or remove an item from its place, do not touch it. The ONLY exception to this rule short of being given permission by the owner of the build, is if you're given permission by Admin+. This DOES include seemingly 'abandoned' builds. Don't touch it.

5. Respect all staff and players.
- Golden rule. Treat others as you'd like to be treated. If you're asked to stop doing something, stop doing it. If an argument breaks out, pacify and retreat if you can't come to a compromise. If there's something more serious going on, please let a staff member know so we can help rectify the situation. Otherwise, please be respectful and friendly with all players.

6. No links to porn, gore or violence. (If it's 'controversial', ask first.)
- Do not provide links to the server that shouldn't be watched by a child. If you want to share something that would go against this rule, share it with the person through a different communication method. But always ask first. If you're unsure if you should share it or not, always ask staff before you send it. If it's music that has swearing in it or indications of violence or negative matters, put a disclaimer first.

7. No hacks or mods.
- Hacked clients or mods that alter your gameplay to your advantage are not allowed. There are a few exceptions to this, including Optifine, Minimap and some Inventory Tweaks. If you're unsure if something is allowed, always ask first.

8. No harassment.
- There is a zero tolerance for harassment and bullying on this server. Any instance of this is punished severely. Do not repeatedly send a user messages, no name-calling and absolutely no bullying of any sort.

9. No AFK-boosting contraptions.
- We have a limit on how long you can AFK on the server before you're kicked. This is put in place for a few reasons: To cut down on those who are AFK'ing at spawners or farms to generate a large amount of mobs which can drive down the server's TPS, and also because we're implementing a way to be rewarded for having the most ontime every month. The term "contraptions" include AFK-pools, using minecarts in a loop, or any other way you keep your character moving without you at the keyboard.

10. No 1x1 towers.
- This is a hotly debated topic, but we are firm on it. 1x1 towers are unsightly and typically serve no purpose. If you're discovered having made a 1x1 tower you will be automatically jailed for five minutes. Exception: In the nether. We know that getting glowstone often requires 1x1 towers and seeing as we do not allow claiming in the nether and it isn't really for builds, the towers are allowed there. We will sometimes periodically go through and break them, though. So don't use them as a waypoint if you need to get back to an area later.

11. No offensive or immature builds.
- Enough said. If you're questioning the validity of a build, just don't build it.

12. No massive farms that cause lag.
- This one is more of a per-situation sort of thing. We generally view it as more than 20 animals in one confined area, and more than 50 per chunk. Try and spread it out, if you can. The biggest part of this is auto-chicken farms. Due to a situation on the old Clutch, if you have a chicken spawner, it either needs to be on the ground so they can spawn naturally, or if you're forcing them through an area to be killed, they MUST die as they get to that area. If you are found with any spawner that is continually spawning animals and it does not kill them or force them to another area to be killed, you will be jailed for a minimum of an hour.

13. No alternate accounts per player.
- Alternate accounts cannot be used, even if you aren't banned from the server. The reasoning for this is so that you can't obtain more claim blocks with a second account as well as ontime for that account. There are no exceptions to this rule.

14. All withers are to be spawned at /warp wither.
- Because of the massive amount of damage a wither can do to any players around as well as escape from the player trying to kill it, if you want to spawn a wither once you've obtained the heads, you MUST do it at /warp wither. It also ensures a fair fight, as you can't box the wither in and kill it without sustaining damage.

15. Don't exploit glitches or bugs on the server.
- As things change and we update the server, sometimes things break. Often that is plugins, and it can be easy to exploit a bug in a broken plugin. Other times, we make mistakes as human beings, and we might leave a loophole or perhaps mistype something and make /sell of stone at $500. Whatever happens, please do not exploit glitches or bugs in the game or server. Instead, let a member of staff know what you've discovered as soon as possible. It's best to keep everyone on the same playing field where possible.

It seems like a lot, but we feel most of it is simply common sense that we have to reiterate or make obvious because of past experience. Again, if you have any question about any of these rules, don't hesitate to ask a staff member or send a message to Cam_Tech or _Kay. Thanks for playing on our server!